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Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Mission

Here at Together We Can Foundation (TWC Foundation), our mission is to assist communities by educating participants about the importance of healthy life styles while providing shelter and support for those who are not as fortunate. Participants will engage in informative lectures about farming organic produce and how to cultivate their own gardens in their backyards. With the seasonal harvests, TWC Foundation will donate the produce to local shelters and offer culinary classes for engagers to learn recipes that are a lot healthier and still enjoyable to promote healthy diets. TWC Foundation also intends to assist the homeless by building creative mobile homes to live in. Besides providing food and lodging, TWC Foundation will host fundraisers to collect clothing, basic medications, and donations to attain basic necessities needed to live for those who cannot afford such items. Funds collected through fundraising at TWC Foundation will be contributed to promote education for financially troubled families by funding children to attend supplemental art classes and assisting high school graduates, who have the potential, to attend college. At TWC Foundation, we aim to help others live a better and healthier life one step at a time.